Robin Scheibler

Make a custom Pomodoro timer

I have recently been interested in the ATtiny85 microcontroller. Its minimalistic, yet powerful features make it a very attractive platform for simple hacks and gadgets. In addition, I had been interested in learning the technique of charlieplexing, i.e. controlling many LEDs with very few pins. The ATtiny85, with its 5 GPIO pins available by default (sacrificing ISP yields an extra pin, but I didn’t want to go down that road), seemed like the perfect candidate.

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Otemba v1.0

A few weeks ago, we decided on the mailing list of the Tokyo Hackerspace that we need an Arduino clone. It is common at the beginning of a new project to use a full-blown Arduino but then to go with the bare Atmega328 chip for the final version for space, cost reasons. And in such case my thinking was that it would be great to have a small PCB where you can create a minimal version of the Arduino platform, with some flexibility regarding voltage, regulator and crystal frequency. And if everything could be through-hole and off-the-shelf our local electronics wonderland it would be perfect.

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